Luc De Bois
Innovation Manager Orange Cloud For Business at Orange Business Services
Luc is a researcher with an inquisitive mind, sharp at digging out true innovations. His hobbies are countless, so are his achievements. Luc is an all-rounder, capable of designing, modeling, building breakthrough products from the ground up either in his job or for his own use or pleasure. After studying engineering at Telecom Paris, Luc joined the famous Orange Labs working on traffic management optimization within networks for six years. In 1999 he decides to look at marketing innovation and joined the creative studio where he shared his skills for the benefit of prospective mobility. In parallel, Luc was developing a project . Two years later, it was time for him to unleash his talent for entrepreneurship. Through an Orange Spin Off program, he created e-Pop, an 11 patent product for trading rooms acclaimed by his customers. Back to Orange core organization, Luc became CIO of Orange Wholesale, a large subsidiary of Orange Group, for 13 years before returning to innovation since he is now in charge of the innovation strategy for the Orange Business Services cloud computing subsidiary. If Richard Feynman was also known as a Bango Player, Luc is a longtime player of diatonic accordion along with a clan leader of one of the most popular video games, a neural network researcher or a mobile app maker. You can get in his latest creation, “Chordia” on Google Play but Shush! Luc is definitely a discret person.