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What does EIC stand for?

Since November 2017, the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot is responsible for the SME Instrument and Fast Track to Innovation (FTI), FET-OPEN and EIC Awards, targeting radically new, breakthrough products, services, processes or business models that open up new markets. 

What is the event language?

The event will be held in english language.

Do I have to pay to attend?

No. Participation is by invite only and free of charge.

Will WiFi be available?

Yes, WIFI is available at the venue.

  • Network name: EIC-Innovators-Summit2018
  • Password: Innovation#Kitchen

Where can I leave my coat and luggage?

A staffed cloak room will be available at the venue for bags and coats.

I am disabled. Is the location venue accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes. There are appropriate amenities, and the whole event takes place on the ground floor without barriers.

Should I wait to book my flights and hotel?

No. Prices go up in the summer in Berlin because of fairs and tourism. Please book your hotel and flights/trains as soon as possible.

Where is Station Berlin in Berlin?

STATION Berlin is situated near Potsdamer Platz, next to the Park Gleisdreieck.

How do I arrive at Station Berlin?

Information and route planning is easily done via Google Maps.

Public Transport:

  • Tube lines U1/ U2 to station Gleisdreieck and 3 min walk to STATION Berlin
  • S-Bahn: Line S1/ S2/ S25/ S26 to Station S-Bhf Anhalter Bahnhof and about 8 min on foot

What about parking space?

In Berlin you have to pay for parking. We recommend taking public transport if possible. If you need to take your car nearby is the car park “Parkhaus Gleisdreieck“ with 1.500 spots (0,1 km).

When do I arrive?

You can arrive on Sunday and enjoy an autumn day in Berlin. Or you can arrive on Monday morning directly for the event start.

Do you pay for my travels and hotel?

No. You are responsible to arrange your transport and accommodation.

Can you help me find a hotel?

We recommend some hotels near STATION Berlin, but you are free to choose your own.

Do you provide areas where I can work if necessary?

We know that spending two days at an event is a real invest for SMEs and Investors, so lounge areas will be available for this scope.

Do you provide charging stations for mobile devices?

Yes. We will provide charging stations. Be aware that you store your devices at your own risk.

Who will attend the event?

We will invite the SMEs participating to the European Innovation Council pilot programmes – SME Instrument, Fast Track to Innovation, FET-Open and EIC Prizes in addition to selected finance and business partners.

Who can attend the event?

Everyone who has received an invitation through EASME official channels. (Press, Investors and Sponsor please see your respective section).

Who can I meet at the event?

  • SME Companies, FET-Open and FTI companies
  • Investors
  • Corporate representatives
  • EASME Team
  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN), National Contact Points représentatives, business coaches

Why can only one person from each company attend?

There is a limit of one participant per organization because we want to give all our companies a chance to attend and network, pitch and learn together. Different conditions apply to selected SME Exhibitors. If that’s the case, you will receive detailed information on this.

I got the invite, but can´t attend. Can I send someone else from my company?

Yes. You have only one registration link that you can use for one selected person.
Innovators’ Summit App

How can I get the Innovators’ Summit App?

The App can be downloaded from the link you have received with your registration confirmation email. We strongly recommend using the app to facilitate matchmaking. You will be able send and receive meeting requests to other people attending the event. Please, fill in your interests and profile right from the start for a better matching experience.

Why do I need the Innovators’ Summit App?

  • You can book your meetings, vote and expand your networking reach.
  • We are a paperless event, so information is only available in the app, at the information counter and the information displays in the venue.
  • You need the app to set up meetings before and at the event.
  • You can see your dates and chosen activities in your personal event schedule.

Can I participate without the Innovators’ Summit App?

No. All activities, time schedules and relevant information is available in the app. We are a paperless event so no information packages are available.

What about my data?

Your data is protected under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Companies involved in the development and deployment of the app are obliged to respect extensive data protection rules to ensure your privacy rights. You will be asked several questions to inform you about your data processing at the start of registration. You can opt in to process the data with the existing EU Tools. You can also agree which data should be publicly available and which should not. For full details, please read our privacy notice.
Sponsors, Investors, Press

I want to sponsor something, like e.g. beverages, food trucks, who do I contact?

Please contact us at

I am an investor, and I am interested to attend. How can I get an invite?

Please contact us at

I am a journalist, how can I get accredited?

Please consult the “Get a media pass” section on the website.
SME Exhibition

I want to have a booth in the event

Sorry, only EASME will choose the companies exhibiting and contact them directly.

What is the HOT BOOTH?

The HOT BOOTH is an exhibit space, that has rotating presenters for 2 hours. These presenters are not preselected but can sign before the event up until all the slots are filled.

There will be workshops, do I need to sign up?

No, but we recommend you sign up for the workshop sessions, so they show up in your event schedule. Also, we will know which topics are highly sought after and will be able to react to your shown interest as best as we can.

I have a special topic I would like to propose for the workshops. Who do I contact?

Please write an email to with your topic and 100 – 300 words of description, what your goal for this workshop is, your primary interest and desired outcome you envision.

I am interested to lead a workshop. How can I apply?

You need to be a registered participant to apply. Please write an email to detailing why you want to lead a workshop and what topics you specialise in/want to share/start a discussion in with your peers in the EASME Programs.

What happens at the investor pitches?

You will have the opportunity to pitch in front of investors interested in your particular area of expertise, e.g. mobility, new materials, etc.

How do I sign up for the investors pitches?

You have the opportunity to apply for one of the pitching session via the App.

Do I need to sign up for the video pitch booth?

No. You can use it whenever it is free. You can upload your video to our event screens and your social media profiles.
If this FAQ didn´t answer your specific question you can contact