EIC Innovators’ Summit Video Challenge
Meet the finalists of our Video Challenge which will have the opportunity to attend the summit and have their video pitch displayed during the event.
We thank all participants for their submissions and all voters for their opinion!
Mensia beluga is expert in digital therapeutics, medtech in France.BELUGA medical device is neurofeedbcak AT HOME with robust proof of concept.it needs 15 M€ investment for final randomised clinical trial, apps and hardware optimization and both EU & USA introduction by 2020.


Spacetech4sea is a yic targeting in providing low and zero emission solutions in Maritime & transport Industry. spacetech4sea has established from oceanfinance, a boutique business development firm and Scorpius, a Space Launch Company, towards to landing space technology to earth applications. spacetech4sea will provide a game changer, an all composite and thus ultralight cryofuel tank suitable for storing cryofuels such as liquid natural gas and liquid nitrogen; keeping pace with market, the tank will be next validated for liquid hydrogen and slush hydrogen. the slush hydrogen is a mixture of solid and liquid hydrogen, already used by nasa as rocket propellent; the estimated weight saving is equal to 85% in comparison with the state of art tanks of competition
Charging EVs with energy from renewable resources wherever they park – this was the goal when ubitricity was founded. By now, the company has become one of the leading providers of intelligent solutions for charging and billing EVs. For this, ubitricity combines technological know-how with the possibilities of the digitalization. ubitricity has developed a mobile electricity meter that can be integrated into the charging cable or the car itself. Users close a mobile electricity contract for their mobile meter with a provider of their choice and charge everywhere with their tariff. At the end of the month, they only receive one invoice. The result: technologically lean and cost-efficient charging spots that enable a ubiquitous roll-out of charging infrastructure – as for example in London, where charging spots are installed in street lights. Moreover, the EV can be connected to the grid as mobile electricity storage – an important cornerstone for the energy transition.
Soner Hacı

bead technology

Gianluca Segato


Mohamed a Kamara


We are a small startup company that design and fabricate small scale renewable systems.
Oren Goldshtein


Vectorious Medical Technologies has developed an in-heart microcomputer enabling optimal treatment of heart disease patients. The V-LAP sensory implant is first Digital, wireless & battery-less device that can operate from deep inside the body. It provides actionable feedback based on high resolution waveform morphology from the heart’s left atrium.
Jill Beytin

Bear Radio

Bear Radio (BearRadio.org) is Berlin’s first English-language podcasting network. We bring together producers, hosts and personalities in the city to create programming that immerses, informs, and entertains Berlin’s diverse English-speaking community. Our aim is to foster a thriving podcasting environment in Berlin, and give Berliners a voice to take back the narrative of the city. We focus on underrepresented voices in the Berlin media landscape, including new expats, refugees, and third culture individuals.
klimazone is developing a solution to make vertical farming commercially viable and economically attractive. It is focusing on designing climates for ‘off-grid’ farming, which would bring the right climate to vertical farm operators, anywhere in the world. Currently, vertical farming suffers from multiple drawbacks. Access to climates for a broad range of plants is one of them. Cost is another. These drawbacks prevent the proper exploitation of vertical farming and would continue to do so. klimazone is working on developing a diverse and reliable climate library which would be provided to vertical farm operators as an on-demand service. This would liberate vertical farm operators from high investements, open up access to ready-to-use knowledge and to markets, while providing them with unmatched operational flexibility. klimazone is about creating new opportunities. for people and for the industry.
Jon Christensen

Hafnium Labs/Q-props

Hafnium Labs wants to become the AI powering chemical R&D. With our first product, Q-props, we aim to provide easy access to the most accurate chemical property predictions in the world. Chemical R&D is a $150B industry, but efficiency is limited by the time it takes to identify target molecules, synthesis pathways, and process designs. Experimentation is widespread but slow, expensive, and prone to error. Computer simulations have long been a promising alternative to experimentation, but no easy way exists to access the best chemistry prediction methods – and even those are not sufficiently accurate. We want to change that. With our first product, Q-props, we’re building a platform for prediction of chemical properties that is more accurate and more easily accessible than anything before. With Q-props, we take our first step towards a fully integrated predictive solution for chemical R&D from target discovery to process design. At Hafnium Labs, we call it Predicting Chemistry.
José Miguel Bermudez


b4b presents a patented foldable wingsail solution based in an aeronautical design which reduces fuel use and pollutants emissions of the maritime transport by 30%. This is critical for an industry looking for more efficient propulsion systems and emissions reduction: the global fleet used more than 300 million tons of fuel in 2014 (an average vessel consumes between 4 and 110 tons of fuel per day, which represents up to the 80% of their operational costs), generating a great percentage of the global pollutant emissions. New regulations by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) in 2016 limit the emission of pollutants into the atmosphere cutting sulphur limits in marine fuel from 3.5% to 0.5% in 2020. b4b solution for reducing fuel use has been piloted and is currently carrying out its first implementation into a real fishing vessel. The company has received numerous awards to entrepreneurship and is looking forward to welcoming new investors and partnerships.
Ghazaleh Koohestanian

re2you gmbh

A cloud-browsing platform that integrates any device into the user’s connected ecosystem Mobility providers promise us unlimited connectivity, but devices are not optimized to connect across hardware, platform, and operating system silos. We make it possible for mobility providers to integrate the device into a user’s digital ecosystem. For automotive OEMs, we enable the car for seamless connectivity, with easy retrofit to connect with the latest technologies. For sharing environments (car sharing platforms, in-seat entertainment on planes or trains), we enable a connected platform that goes with the user, not the device, so the user can access their content and digital world with total security even in shared environments.
Patrik Halada

probapp GmbH/sit2work

There is no solution for the future working world! We have the solution for this problem. Companies have to be more efficient. Employees are looking for a stable work-life-balance. People demand more mobility and sustainability. With our combined platform stakeholders will be brought together and their interests will be covered. By using our cloud-based platform (app and web) employees are able to book a working space in the office, to log-in as home-office or remote, organize meetings, use ride-sharing to the and from the office and find a parking slot. The whole society benefit from using ride-sharing by the employees because of less traffic and less environment pollution. Companies and organizations are able to manage, control and optimize the usage of resources. Our overall approach enhances sustainability all along the line.
Ricardo Nobre

Cross Border Talents

CBT Academy is a cloud-based workforce management digital platform that match companies, information computer trainers and workforce. It is based on our proprietary “just-in-time digital skills” methodology that includes a novel job profile shift proposition (tech developer instead of computer science engineer) for employing companies, with a socially inclusive approach that focuses on 5 profiles (vocational education graduates, unemployed, career blocked, diversity and refugees). Since early 2017 we tested CBTA concept with paying customers and monitored results in our approved pledge, which goal is to recruit, train and employ 810 candidates until 2020. The overall objective is to demonstrate the disruptiveness of the CBT Academy methodology, demonstrating the technical and economic viability of our aim of Recruiting, Training and Employing over 500.000 ICT developers in Europe, tackling EU Companies’ needs and helping to reduce unemployment in Europe.